ASHI Certified Home Inspector Tom Sanford

Tom Sanford

ASHI Certified Home Inspector

Tom Sanford is the owner and inspector of Empire Inspection. For over 31 years, Tom has assisted homebuyers and sellers by providing an investigative assessment that details the overall condition of their current or prospective home. In addition to directing his clients’ attention to any defects that they need to take into consideration, Tom takes his time to make sure that his clients understand just how extensive an issue is and what solutions are available. It’s possible for anyone to make a good real estate transaction—but it’s a much safer bet to enlist the help of a professional before you commit to a purchase.

First Time Home Buyers

A Long History of Happy Homes

Before he founded Empire Inspection in 1986, Tom helped home buyers in a different way—by building and renovating residential structures. Most people would define a good home as a residential structure that’s safe, sound, and appealing to their individual tastes. Naturally, those attributions are only achievable through the skilled, attentive efforts of the builders.

Construction Experience

Tom’s experience in construction helped to shape his entire career as an inspector, giving him the ability to identify structural or mechanical issues and to understand what has to be done to improve a home’s condition. When Tom inspects a home, you can expect him to exercise his meticulous attention to detail so that you aren’t taken by surprise by any potential issues.

In his free time, Tom enjoys going jogging to stay physically active. Tom loves fine dining, and going out to eat at a quality restaurant is one of his favorite ways to relax and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.

Construction Experience
Empire Inspection Home Inspection New Jersey

At Empire Inspection, our goal has always been to provide a positive and productive home inspection experience for our clients—for over 31 years and counting! We always invite the prospective buyer or seller of the home to attend their inspection, giving you an opportunity to receive direct insight into the condition, layout, and maintenance needs of the home.