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With over 20 years experience as a sales associate I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.  To help buyers experience “the good” I will always recommend Tom Sanford of Empire Inspection.  I will explain to my buyer that, “most of my current and past buyers chose to use Tom and felt very well served.  They would highly recommend him to other buyers.  He is also listed in the ASHI website of licensed inspectors, which is imperative.  Selecting the right inspector is equally as important as selecting the right home, the right attorney, and the right realtor.  I have absolute confidence in recommending Tom to any of my buyers and will continue to do so.


Summit, NJ

Tom is efficient and fair.  He does a great job of prioritizing what needs to be done versus what is just something to keep an eye on.  He is extremely thorough and clearly knows house young and old very very well.

Michael B. Johnson

M.S. Client

Thank you, Tom, for always doing a great job. I never hesitate to recommend your service.

From a realtor’s point of view, you are thorough, knowledgeable and fair to everyone. Your report is prompt, easy to understand and complete. I know the inspection will be about the house not about the inspector…trying to prove how smart he is.


Summit, NJ

Tom Sanford of Empire Inspection has been performing home inspections for my clients for the many years I have been in the business of selling real estate. He does a very professional job. He is always punctual and efficient. He does his job while integrating the client in the inspection, answering their questions and explaining the various systems and maintenance issues of the home. His report is very thorough and easy to understand. I especially like the format of the report which gives an “executive summary,” noting the major and minor items of concern, along with maintenance and upgrade type issues. When highlighting areas of concern, Tom also readily recommends specialists in the field that I can call upon for a second opinion.


Summit NJ

I especially like using Empire Inspection because the report is thorough, easy to read and breaks down the repair items into major, minor and maintenance categories. The summary at the end is helpful when sending around to the attorneys and realtors.

I like using Tom because I trust that he will find everything that is deficient in a home, but he doesn’t make a bigger deal about things than is necessary.

I like that you get Tom and only Tom. I try to always use him first. He is rarely late, and the inspections are done in a timely manner.

I also like Tom because he lets the realtor do their job and he does his job. He doesn’t comment about the value of the house, never asks how much they paid or anything that is not his business! Lots of home inspectors do, and I find it can be an interference.


Bedminster, NJ

Empire Inspection Home Inspection New Jersey

At Empire Inspection, our goal has always been to provide a positive and productive home inspection experience for our clients—for over 31 years and counting! We always invite the prospective buyer or seller of the home to attend their inspection, giving you an opportunity to receive direct insight into the condition, layout, and maintenance needs of the home.